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my story

Echoing the footsteps of Butch Cassidy and Buffalo Bill Cody, the wooden boardwalks of Meeteetse offer entry to the Elkhorn Bar, Pappy's stomping ground in the Rocky Mountains of Wyoming. This neck o​f the woods IS the heart of country music and it's the foundation of old west ideals. It's work hard for a living and take time to help your neighbor, stand up for what's right and sit down for a cold beer with friends on Saturday night. Long necks and tall tales surround you as hollers of "Hootie Hoot!" contagiously radiate from this posse like football fans doing the wave in a stadium. Guitar in hand, Pappy's boots clap across the old floor and "Hootie HOOT!" is returned with a wave and a happy, familiar grin. 
It was within these old, saloon walls that country music songwriter and entertainer Bob "Pappy" Pappenfort was persuaded by his 'PappyRAZZI' following to record his music. These musical accomplishments are celebrated with the release of his first album, aproposly named, "PAPPY." His soothing, distinct vocalization and occasional country twang make Pappy’s voice easy to recognize. It's the kind of CD you let play over and over as it becomes a familiar friend, keeping you company in the background for decades to come.

Pappy's autobiographical collection of straight-shooting songs tell of the twists and turns that define all our lives with impassioned lyrics and memorable, country melodies.

"I am as proud of this project as I've ever been about anything. Every song means something very deeply to me."

"Music is part of who I am. Songwriting is a refuge for me. Every song on the 'PAPPY' album is something I care about, it's real emotion. Lyrics have to come straight from the heart if they are going to be any good. I'm a real guy so people always seem to identify with my stories."
Pappy hones his craft the old-fashioned way, he scribbles his lyrics on paper, finds the music on his self-built, acoustic guitar and works his songs out in front of a live audience of friends and fans.
With the opening of the Elkhorn's saloon door, you are amidst a gathering of ranchers, business owners, cowboys, and a few outlaws whose ghostly remains still linger in the mountain air.